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Issue 14                                                                                                                      January 2018

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In This Issue:

Upcoming APC Events in 2018

Alaskans lobby to protect ANWR

Fairbanks Peace Choir

APC Partners with Love INC

Alternatives to Violence Project – Alaska

Global Days of Action on Military Spending

Federal Constitutional Climate Case

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Upcoming APC Events in 2018

Fri, Jan 26 – APC/UCPC joint potluck, 6pm, & movie “Syrian White Helmets”, 7pm, and discussion. – University Community Presbyterian Church, 3510 College Rd, Fairbanks.

Thurs, Feb 1 – APC meeting, 5pm.

Fri, Feb 23 – potluck & Fairbanks Youth Court presentation, with emphasis on Restorative Justice; location To Be Announced.

Thurs, Mar 1 – APC meeting.

Fri, Mar 30 – potluck & movie “An Act of Conscience” about war tax resistance.

Thurs, April 5 – APC meeting, with election of new board members – Come join the Alaska Peace Center board and help advance peace, justice, & sustainability in ourselves, our community, state, and world!

Thurs, May 4 – APC meeting.

June 2, noon-2pm – Annual Peace Feast, featuring folks who have been working for peace, justice, and sustainability, as well as great food and camaraderie! Suggestions for guest speakers are welcome.

August 3-10 – APC at Tanana Valley Fair, 13th year!

Ongoing – Scholarships for Alternatives to Violence Project workshops.

Ongoing, weekly – Community News and Opportunities for Action on KWRK-LP 90.9FM, APC e-list, web site.


Thank you to all who have supported our efforts with energy, time, funds, and/or encouragement!

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Alaskans Lobby to Protect ANWR Coastal Plain from Drilling

In December, six Alaskans traveled to Washington D.C, to lobby for the protection of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil and gas drilling; urging this tax bill rider be removed.

Bernadette Demientieff, Executive Director of the Gwich’in Steering Committee led many lobbying trips to DC this fall to protect ANWR. On this trip I was grateful to travel with her, Princess Daazhrahli Johnson, Helium Edwardsen, Chief of the Village of Tanana, Skye Malemute and Ritchie Musick. Collectively, we had a wide range of experiences and talking points to speak to this concern.

I saw my role as elevating the Gwich’in and other Alaska Native voices. Also, Alaskan Friends Conference (Quakers) had recently affirmed a letter naming the moral and spiritual imperatives for protection of this area and standing in solidarity with the Gwich’in. I shared this message and letter in each office we visited.

Friends Committee on National Legislation proved a valuable connection. With their support Ritchie and I met directly with Senator Sullivan, thanking him for his work protecting women from sexual violence, and urging him to consider the moral and spiritual reasons for protecting the Refuge. On this topic he spoke of the need to respectfully disagree.

Ritchie and I also visited Senator Murkowski’s office and met with one of her staffers. While not in the week’s plans, it felt important to visit our Senators to express our views and affirm that many Alaskans do not support opening ANWR to oil and gas drilling!

Cathy Walling

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Fairbanks Peace Choir, a Culture of Peace

As the Fairbanks Peace Choir begins its 13th year we are grateful to the Peace Center and friends for all the support that’s been given us through the years to keep us going.

We are proud to say that we have sung at 40 different Fairbanks community events over the 26 semesters of choral outreach. Last Fall the choir grew to 40 members and sang to a standing room only crowd at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.

Singing can be a powerful force to enhance the peaceful awakening that is so needed in today’s world. We welcome new singers to the next semester starting February 6 to April 28. Rehearsals are on Tuesdays, 6:45 pm to 8:30 pm. Flyn Ludington directs and Dr Paul Krejci is pianist. A suggested donation of $75 is asked to cover our expenses. For information call 457-8086.

Come join us “Helping to Create a culture of Peace Through Song.”

Suzanne Rich Osborn


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Veterans For Peace believes all torture, including waterboarding, is a human rights violation and constitutes a war crime. We will not defeat terrorism by adopting terrorist tactics. We will not achieve peace by practicing revenge. We will not preserve our precious democracy by abandoning our commitment to human rights. It is appalling that the efficacy of torture is now part of the American conversation. It dehumanizes us when we resort to such baseness. This is not what millions of U.S. military veterans fought for.”

Video availability of the documentary on the Fairbanks Four.

From Juneau: “Just wanted to let you know that I’m out here and enjoy getting [APC] emails from Fairbanks.”

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Come Sing With the Fairbanks Peace Choir!

You may not know that the Fairbanks Peace Choir started its 21st semester this February and that we have sung at over 25 different kinds of civic events. For example we have sung at Earth Day, League of Women Voters, Boys and Girls Home, Northern Environmental Center fund raisers, The Soup Kitchen, The City Jail, The Folk Festival, The Coop Market, The Tanana Valley State Fair, Pioneer Home, The Denali Center, Raven’s Landing and sang the opening song at the Eskimo Olympics and more…

With KWRK radio (90.9) we see a new window of singing opportunity.

The Peace Choir is a community choir, singing songs of the people about peace, labor struggles and earth consciousness. We have a good time and no auditions are required. Our director, Flyn Ludington, and pianist Dr. Paul Krejci, give us excellent guidance. We encourage all singers to join with us in our hope for a better world. Look for announcements of our final Spring concert April 30 at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. See us on Facebook!

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APC Partners with Love INC

Alaska Peace Center and Love in the name of Christ (Love INC) teamed up for a small project.  For some people in our community, the need for basic items to care for children compels them to risk shoplifting.  If supplies such as diapers and formula are in question, we want to help raise both awareness to the issue and that resources are available free for those in need via Love INC.

Personal contact was made and flyers distributed at area Fred Meyer, Safeway, and Walmart stores in January, and we’ll be following up with some more flyers in April.  It is hard to track how effective this effort is, but if only a few respond- either by reading flyers or getting a “break” from the store manager-  the magnitude of good that may come is well worth the couple of hours given.

APC would like to thank Love INC for providing their service to people in need, and a special thanks to Rev. Neill Mckay of the University Community Presbyterian Church for enjoining us with this idea for action.

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Hands of Peace: Alternatives to Violence Project-Alaska

AVP encourages every person’s innate power to positively transform first themselves and then the world we live in.” (From

In Spring 2014 the first 18-hr basic workshop was held in Fairbanks, promoted by a group of peace activists, Fairbanks Quakers, and UAF professors and led by two experienced volunteer facilitators, Roger Zuck and Lisa Roy, who came up from the States to share.  In October, Roger and Karen Cauble from Homer provided a second Basic workshop.

In 2015, 5 Basic workshops, 2 Advanced, and a Training for Facilitators were held in Alaska. Fourteen AVP FacilitatorTrainees graduated.

Sally Fenno, Carrie Farr, and June Thomasson from Fairbanks, Lisa from Anchorage and Karen and Lindeanne from Homer established the AVP/Alaska Regional Council, to sponsor, organize, and hold AVP workshops on three levels: Basic, Advanced and Training for Facilitators, to maintain an adequate number of facilitators to support AVP state wide. This Council works together with the Alaska non-profit established in 1993, Hands of Peace Inc.

Alaska Dept. of Corrections is accepting AVP work-shops in prisons, after re-assessment of state budget needs.  AVP/AK Council will work to train more Facilitators and secure more funds to sustain a prison program once we begin. We need grant seekers and writers at this time, and are open to volunteer help!

Early 2016 Workshop Schedule:

February 19-21 Anchorage (Basic)

March 4-6                Fairbanks  (Basic)

March 4-6                Homer  (Basic)

March 18-20            Anchorage (Advanced)

April 1-3                   Fairbanks (Advanced)

April 15-17               Homer (Advanced)

April 22-24               Talkeetna (Basic)

April 29-3May 1   Anchorage (Training for Facilitators)

Your comments and questions are welcome. AVP/AK  Council c/o Carrie Farr.

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Global Days of Action on Military Spending

(from the website)

Since 2011, Thousands of organizations and millions of individuals across the U.S. and around the world have joined to organize events to coincide with the release of annual world military expenditure figures by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, and with Tax Day.

In fiscal 2015, U.S.military spending was projected at 54 percent of all federal discretionary spending: $598.5 billion, $58.8 billion for wars – and quadruple war preparations. Coming: $1,000,000,000,000 to modernize its nuclear arsenal, a small fraction of which could bring on nuclear winter. F-35 fighter/bombers cost $1,500,000,000,000 over their “lifetime.” Added to the catastrophic destruction of wars, this truncates lives before shots, bombs or missiles launched.

Major change is needed: Global Days of Action on Military Spending: 16–18 April People across the world in collaborative actions to focus public, political, and media attention on the costs of military spending and the need for new priorities.

Also consider joining the Berlin Congress: Disarm! For a climate of peace: Sept 30 – Oct 3, 2016.

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Eugene, OR – Federal Constitutional Climate Case with Fairbanks Teen Nathan Baring

At 10am Wednesday, March 9, a Judge will hear oral arguments to dismiss in the landmark constitutional climate change case brought by 21 young people from around the Nation, including Fairbanks teen Nathan Baring.

These kids, along with climate scientist Dr. James Hansen, filed the lawsuit against our federal government because it is violating the youngest generation’s constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property, and because it has failed to protect essential resources by facilitating the exploitation of fossil fuels.

The youth asked the court to order the government to implement a science-based climate recovery plan.

Three trade organizations, representing the world’s fossil fuel industry, were granted Defendant status. Now, the plaintiffs are up against our federal government AND the fossil fuel industry, and THEY NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

Adapted from Our Children’s Trust. (Follow the link to find how you can help.)

APC plans a fall Engage class: to learn, study and practice nonviolent options available to us; to take action for justice and peace in the midst of war and injustice. See the Pace e Bene website.

Next Alaska Peace Center board of directors meeting: Thursday, April 7th. Come help plan activities!

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Useful Links

Fairbanks Open Radio

Fairbanks Peace Choir (Facebook)

Rob Mulford’s web site

For more about Creech AFB

Friends National Committee on National Legislation

American Friends Service Committee

Alternatives to Violence Project

Veterans for Peace

Democracy Now: Trials of Bradley Manning

Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes

(Yes, tax time is approaching again. How many of us are unwillingly complicit in war crimes by allowing our taxes to fund them?)

Global Day of Action on Military Spending

No Nukes North

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